The manuscript submission and peer review process will be broken down into the following steps:

Step 1. The author submits a manuscript.

Step 2. The Editor-in-Chief assigns an Associate Editor to act as the Review Editor for the paper.

Step 3. The Associate Editor assigns Reviewers.

Step 4. The Reviewers review the manuscript and send reports.

Step 5. The Associate Editor makes a decision and the author is contacted.

All IJMSIR papers will go through review in the web-based Journal Submission and Tracking System. The Editor-in-Chief will ensure that all those invited to serve as reviewers gain access to the manuscript. The Editor-in-Chief will email with basic information about the paper including a link to accept the assignment, and a link to decline the assignment to the referees.

Steps for Reviewers

Step 1. Notify the submission’s editor as to whether you will undertake the review.

Step 2. Click on file names to download and review (on screen or by printing) the files associated with this submission.

Step 3. Click on the icon to fill in the online review form.

In addition, you can upload files for the editor. If you accept the Reviewer’s invitation, you will gain access to a page with links to the full manuscript and the author's cover letter. You will also have links to "check status" and "Review Manuscript."