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The paper set out to describe what CUG students considered as the most desirable (best) attributes or characteristics of a good lecturer. The cross-sectional descriptive survey was designed along a quantitative paradigm. Data gathering was done through a questionnaire containing 44 items placed on a Likert-type scale and administered to 154 final-year students of CUG across faculties in the 2021/2022 academic year. Only 4 respondents did not return their responses thereby reducing the respondents to 150. The study revealed that lecturers who covered the syllabus or course outlines; made the subject intellectually exciting inter alia as the most desirable. Students, however, detest or frown on and even hate lecturers who accept gifts from them; give students undeserved grades among others. The paper, therefore, recommends that the management of universities continue to use students’ evaluation reports on lecturers as an essential basis for promoting lecturers. This would compel the academic staff to teach, research, and publish and not research and publish but fail to teach as it is common today in most tertiary institutions. It would thus, become a factor in the quality control of teaching. 


Good lecturers qualities student’s perspective

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Nanyele, S., & Nokoe, K. S. (2023). Qualities of a Good Lecturer: Students’ Perspectives. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Research, 11(1).


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